Happiness, Health and Wellbeing

When you think about healthy living, eating clean foods and exercising regularly are the two factors that typically come to mind at most people. However, healthy eating and exercise are important, but its even more important to stay balanced. When we create and maintain a balance between our mental, physical and spiritual dimensions, our bodies are truly healthy and happy. The connection between mind, spirit and body are recognised as a whole in many ancient cultures. In modern society, more and more people are seeing that the general health of the body is not only influenced by the physical body, but also by the mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. At the end of the day, everyone is more happiness, connection, joy, health, and fulfilment in life. Finding ways to exercise each of your four bodies regularly will help you to cultivate more of what you look for in life. But how do you create this balance? And what's the best way to be emotional, physically and spiritually happy? Here is how you can create a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Physical Body Improvement


A daily walk in the park, even if it's only for 30 minutes can be beneficial to your health. It can clear your mind, keep your body flexible and you take in some fresh air at the same time. Also, resistance exercises like some push-ups or walking up and down the stairs can help strengthen your muscles and boosting your metabolism.

Eat fresh Organic Food

Eating fresh and Organic Food is not only better for your health, but is also more tasteful as it's free from added toxic ingredients that do more harm than good.

Get plenty of sleep

7 to 8 hours sleep every night is essential to create balance and help your body to heal.

Nurture yourself

Get a massage regularly and nurture yourself with natural and organic beauty products that take care of your body and skin.

Mental Body Improvement

You will notice that when you make changes in regards to your emotional and spiritual well-being, your body changes. When you feel happy and positive, your brain picks this up and will send signs to the rest of your body. Your overall health is better and your body heals better.

Here is how to improve your Mental Body

Deal with challenges or complete a difficult puzzle in the morning. When your brain is fresh and sharp, you are more able to solve a challenging puzzle or problem. By doing this early in the morning, it can have a positive benefit to the brain. You stimulate and strengthen your brain which will keep you sharp and ready to face daily life.

Learn something new

Thinking of speaking another language, learn how to bake a cake or study something you are interested in? Great! Learning something new is an amazing way to keep your brain active. Learn bit by bit every day to stay focused and improve self-growth.


Meditation is a great way to relax, sleep better, become more peaceful and it even decreases the risk of stress, heart attacks and strokes. Attending a silent retreat is another great way to deepen the connection with yourself.

Avoid Stress

When your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs are not being met, stress can occur. Stress has a huge negative effect on our general well being. Try to stay stress-free whenever you can.

A healthy brain keeps your body and mind healthy. It helps us to stay focused, make better decisions and think clearly. No matter how healthy you eat, or how physically fit you are, mental and emotional stress will take its toll on your body.

Emotional Self Improvement

Give compliments

We all know how good it feels when we receive a compliment. Why not share this positive feeling and give the people around you more compliments. Let them know how great they are doing, or how you appreciate the little things they do for you.


We all have good and bad days, but the trick is to prevent your negative feelings to take over your mood for the rest of the day. Try to think positive and smile!

Do something good every day

It's the little things that count. Start your day by thinking about something you can do to make the world a better place, for example, little things like just to recycle your waste, or saying hello to a stranger. A good deed every day can be a huge difference for yourself and others.

Be Thankful

Being appreciative and thankful for the things you have in life, rather than feeling unsatisfied with the things you don't have, can make a huge impact on your emotional health. Write down a note at the end of each day with the things you are thankful for. When you feel unsatisfied or disappointed about something, look at your thankful list to lift you up. When we feel good about ourselves, we can take good care of ourselves and others. Your happy mind heals your brain, and your brain will heal your body.