Why moisturisers are essential for your skincare routine?

We believe that apart from cleansing and mystifying, moisturising your skin is an essential step in your daily beauty routine for a healthy, smooth and beautiful skin. 

A good moisturiser can also prevent your skin from derma problems such as skin irritation and eczema in the long run.

Hydration is key. And this is exactly what a moisturiser does for your skin. It protects the upper lay-er of the skin to prevent it from getting dry and irritated, but at the same time, it feeds your skin with ingredients that keep your moisture levels up.

How do you use a moisturiser?

A moisturiser can be used during the day or at night.

The most important thing before applying your moisturiser is making sure your skin is clean.

With a clean skin, the ingredients of the moisturiser can benefit your skin without the interference of makeup, oil, or dirt.

Apply your moisturiser preferably when you are straight out of the shower when your pores are open and your skin is fully hydrated to seal that moisture to your skin.

Give your skin a bit of time to absorb your moisturiser before putting your face on your pillow to go sleep.

Which Moisturiser is good for my Skin type?

To get the best possible results out of your moisturiser it's important to choose one that offers you the best benefits for your skin’s needs. There is no one size fits all when it comes to skin care products.

It's essential to determine what skin type you have and choose your moisturiser accordingly.

So how can you tell what skin type you have? There are different skin types, all with their own characteristics and needs.

Dry skin

A dry skin without moisturiser is like a fish without water. It's important to use a rich product that hydrates your skin.

Hydrating Night Cream

Our hydrating night cream infused with the natural goodness Rose, Shea butter and Almond is an all-natural moisturiser that helps to restore your skin’s natural moisture and also maintain hydration levels to keep your skin healthy and radiant. 

Balance Moisturiser

Combination / Oily skin

Is often recognised by an oily T-zone, uneven skin tone and larger or clogged pores. With this skin type, it's important to use a moisturiser that creates a balance between adding moisture but no oil to the shiny areas of your skin.

Our light balance moisturiser which is specially formulated to address oily skin is the perfect product for your combination / oily skin. 

Infused with jojoba, coconut and apricot, it serves to balance oiliness and regulate sebum produc-tion all while maintaining hydration at the same time. This Balanced Moisturiser gives your skin a matte and clean finish.

Sensitive skin reddens easily, is often uneven, stings or gives an allergic reaction when you apply certain products, and is very sensitive for influences like cool or warm weather, dry air and hot showers.

Sensitive skin

Avoid products that contain irritating ingredients and toxics like fragrances, SLS, preservatives, al-cohol and fragrances.

At Skinsaikel, we proud ourselves with our range of sensible and sustainable skin care products. 

Our SkinsGentle Moisturiseraikel Gentle Moisturiser is light and gentle yet very effective in ensuring your normal & dry skin retain its moisture. Thanks to the hydrating properties of jojoba. Coupled with rose hip oil and evening primrose oil to soothe sensitive and inflamed skin.

This moisturiser will also serve you well as your makeup base as it is easily absorbed and leaves no oily residue. Wait till your moisturiser is fully absorbed before applying your make up.

At Skinsaikel we only produce effective & cruelty-free skincare formulations using natural botani-cals that are harvested sustainably, and we always source locally where possible.

We care about your skin, and we care about the environment. We believe that being sensible truly personifies beauty.